Nintendo NES controller car mod – nice homage but waste of time

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I love mods. Big fan – but this one is rubbish. It’s not a question of shoddy work nor in fact of the chosen theme. Who isn’t a fan of the NES?

The problem here is that it’s just a waste of bloody time. Who is going to see the NES controller engine cap of your Toyota apart from you and a mechanic? First up, the mechanic won’t care and second, you’ll just start associating Nintendo with car trouble when you’re stuck on the hard shoulder staring down at a smoking, blackened, novelty controller.

I don’t mean to be rude to this gentleman but where are his balls? If you love the NES be loud and proud. Put it where the world can see it. Turn your steering wheel into an NES controller. Change your name to Mario by deed poll. Nintendo mod your wife. Anything other than a hidden metal engine top.

(via Gearfuse)

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