Nintendo NES Universal TV Remote


nesRemote.jpgIn the spirit of the day (December 8th, the day the Wii hit) I felt it was necessary for a cool Nintendo-themed gadget post, and they don’t come any cooler than this. ThinkGeek have got their hands on a limited number of Nintendo NES-themed TV remote controls. Granted they’re styled in the Japanese famicom colours so it’s unlikely that you’re going to get them muddled up with the real thing but you can’t argue over the little details.

The size and layout of the controller are exact to the original and the novelty value is through the roof. Function-wise the device is pretty limited, but admittedly the creators didn’t have many buttons to play around with if they were going to stay true to the source. The controller does everything you’d need of it however: volume, on/off and channel change. Not the best Christmas present for the TV enthusiast, but for a geek that grew up on old NES games this would be a great little stocking-filler.

See the product page on ThinkGeek.

John Connelly
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