HD-DVD: Teaching the youth of today to not talk… uh… good


Kids today, they get a raw deal don’t they? Across the media you can hear the cries of shock horror as they (allegedly) destroy the English language with their “txt speak”. Reports often show school truancy at the highest it’s ever been. And let’s not forget that they listen to their music too loud. Well they can’t do anything about the music volumes or the truancy, but you’d think that the the big Hollywood studios would do what they could to help combat the English problem and grammar mistakes, right? Wrong.

A post over at Idiot Toys has brought a certain Universals HD-DVD slogan to attention:

“The look and sound of perfect”

Come on Universal, you can do better than that. Let’s just hope other companies don’t take the same route then things will look really bad. Oh no wait, they already have. And they’ve devoted a dot com to it. There may be trouble ahead…

John Connelly
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