WATCH: Use your toaster as a videogames controller (maybe)

Check out this video from YouTube user Vexal, which claims that thanks to a common chipset found in modern toasters, they can be connected to your PC via USB and used as controllers in games. Well, maybe, anyway. The video is so well done it is hard to say with 100% certainty that it is…

ToastAM: The toaster that's also a radio

Ah look at that – it's a breakfast dream come true. The Breville VTT296 2-slice Radio Toaster will provide for your morning pleasure not only fresh toast, but also FM/AM radio. Features include settings for bread slice thickness and…

Hardware mashups: Toaster crammed into old VCR


You need this in your life.

It’s an old VCR, modded with the innards of a toaster so that any bread you put in will be lightly browned. Best of all, the toast gets “VHS” stamped on it.

I’m waiting for a version where an old NES is modded, so that you can toast in that. It’d be the exact inverse mod of the Nintoaster. Here’s a video of the toaster VCR in action:

(via Craziest Gadgets)

Nokia developing Home Control Centre technology


Betting that within a few years every appliance we own will be hooked up to the internet, Nokia has announced plans for something called Home Control Centre. It’s basically software that will let you control everything in your home from your mobile device, from the heating to the toaster.

I know, we’ve all been there – gone out with some toast in the toaster, and forgotten that you actually wanted it on browning level three, rather than browning level five.

More seriously, though, this also has energy saving implications. You’ll be able to monitor energy usage from your mobile, and switch off anything that you don’t need remotely. Plus there’s a big convenience factor – preheat your oven 15 minutes before you arrive home, so you can just stick dinner straight in.

The only definite that Nokia has announced is some carbon footprint monitoring technology, from European energy firm RWE. That will use Wi-Fi enabled thermostats on each radiator. Nokia are promising to show this off in December at its annual Nokia World Conference. I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard a fair bit more about the broader too then, too.

(via Reg Hardware)

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Tea, cereal and Darth Vader on toast


How attached are you to the idea of your toast being evenly browned? How committed are you to collecting every piece of tenuous Star Wars memorabilia ever? If the answers are not at all, and very much indeed respectively, have we got a product for you.

The Scan Toaster: concept USB gizmo burns pictures onto toast


There seems to be a fascination with burning recognisable images into toast, and we’ve covered quite a few already, but this concept (which I really hope Electrolux decide to make) is for a USB-powered Scan Toaster.

One of the nine finalists of this year’s DesignLab competition, the Scan Toaster can “print” news, weather, and pictures on to bread, and was developed by Sung Bae Chang of Sejong University in South Korea.

The concept is fairly simple. Plug in the toaster to a free USB port, place the bread, and the software will then start burning whatever it is you want.

I’m sure overzealous health and safety officers would instantly ban this should it ever make it to production. I suppose in an age of saving paper, this method of creating a hard copy of a document needn’t go to waste after being read. Just don’t try to fax it.

And now, for your stomach’s pleasure, here are the Top Ten Tech Toasties. If you can recreate these in an ordinary toaster, we’ll be really impressed. Click on the image below to see the whole gallery.

(Via OhGizmo)

Nintoaster. Has there ever been anything cooler?


An important rule that I learnt early on in life is “never toast electronics”. After putting a spare PCI soundcard in a toaster once to “see what would happen”, I wish I hadn’t. Flames and burning plastic, and a ruined toaster were the result. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was still a glorious act of destruction. This is something special, though…

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Toaster is not quite the best frakkin' thing since sliced bread


The Sci-Fi Channel has created a special limited edition run of Battlestar Galactica toasters for the San Diego Comic-Con. The smooth lines and shiny silver finish tie in neatly with the re-imagined series’ Cylon concepts, and it sports the Battlestar Galctica branding. However, the lack of a red light slowly panning from side to side accompanied by a sinister hum feels like a very serious oversight. Come on, how much extra would a few red LEDs have cost?

Toast One flip toaster *may* be a prototype for now, but let's petition the designer into production…


There’s something about toaster prototypes which makes my heart flutter wildly. This ‘Toast One’ concept doesn’t fail in making me all excited at perfectly-browned carbs slathered in Marmite.

The designer behind this prototype must have a problem with burnt fingers, as instead of endangering your mini-limbs poking them down the crevices in search of your bread, you can simply flip the whole unit over…