FC Mobile: the only portable NES console


That’s it, I’m going up into the attic and I’m ripping open all the cardboard boxes until I’ve found my old NES game collection and this is an official reason for you to do the same.

Why bother with a poncy DS when you can be the envy of your daily commute with the first ever, genuinely portable NES games player, the FC Mobile?

And it looks completely brilliant too with the massive cartridge sticking out the top of it for all to see. “That’s right everyone,” it says, “look at me. I’m old school.”

It runs on three AA batteries or can be plugged into your TV while you’re at home for traditional big screen fun. It plays all of its wonderful 8-bit music through two built-in speakers or your headphones if you prefer.

You can bag one on eBay for US$40 or US$50 but with that American price tag comes the likelihood that it’ll only play American games, so you may have to invest in a few of those as well.

(via Gearfuse)

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Daniel Sung
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