reNESED: an old Nintendo NES made new (but still old)


Before your fluttering heart leaves your chest altogether, I have to tell you that this isn’t real. Nintendo are not about to re-release the slickest NES you’ve ever seen. No, the 25-year-old great-granddaddy of games machines is gathering dust in the attic for a very good reason.

If, however, you do like to take a trip down 8-bit memory lane more than most, then sigh and swoon over Javier Segovia’s concept redesigned NES or reNESED as he likes to call it.

The technical highlight is the wireless controllers – imagine the wow-factor of that back in the day – but the rest of this new take is pure aesthetics, well, and a touch of ergonomics too.

The trimmed-look controllers and smooth and simple box do leave me slightly breathless and then I remember all the other wired up rubbish clogging up the underside of my TV.

The reNESED does look great but if I really want to play Mega-Man III, I can always use the NES Facebook application. It may not be as attractive but you can’t beat its catalogue.

reNESED (via Dvice)

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