SlingCatcher finally available for pre-order State-side

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Oh Slingy my love, oh Slingy my sweet! So very long we have awaited the arrival of Sling Media’s latest creation, the SlingCatcher. So oft have we seen its trapezoidal beauty at CES and so many times have we been disappointed when release dates come and go without a sniff of its sweet slingy goodness on our shelves but today the SlingCatcher has been spotted for pre-order on the Sling Media website.

For $299.99 you can be the first to try out this device which does more or less the opposite of the original SlingBox by catching media streams onto you TV rather than slinging out your tele’s transmissions the other way. In practice, that means it’ll capture media from other SlingBoxes in the house, from USB drives and anything streamed from your PC as well, whether that be video, the internet or just your desktop.

As yet, there’s not date on shipping and no promise that it’ll translate to any arrival time this side of the Atlantic either but after such a long wait, it seems only fair. Fingers crossed we pick up UK news on the matter soon.

Sling Media (via BGR)

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