SlingCatcher finally available for pre-order State-side


Oh Slingy my love, oh Slingy my sweet! So very long we have awaited the arrival of Sling Media’s latest creation, the SlingCatcher. So oft have we seen its trapezoidal beauty at CES and so many times have we been disappointed when release dates come and go without a sniff of its sweet slingy goodness on our shelves but today the SlingCatcher has been spotted for pre-order on the Sling Media website…

CES 2008: SlingCatcher makes a late arrival, brings new features

Last year we were promised that Sling Media would be touting its SlingCatcher accessory by Xmas. That time came and went and there was nothing. This year, it’s back at CES again, but amidst Sling’s busy year, the Sling Catcher has been through a couple of changes. It was originally – and to a large extent still is – a kind of reverse Slingbox; it takes web content and shows it on your TV (instead of taking content from your TV and transmitting it to your PC).