CES 2008: SlingCatcher makes a late arrival, brings new features


Last year we were promised that Sling Media would be touting its SlingCatcher accessory by Xmas. That time came and went and there was nothing. This year, it’s back at CES again, but amidst Sling’s busy year, the Sling Catcher has been through a couple of changes. It was originally – and to a large extent still is – a kind of reverse Slingbox; it takes web content and shows it on your TV (instead of taking content from your TV and transmitting it to your PC).

The newer version can also be used to bring content from a Slingbox to other TVs in the house and, when used with the Slingbox Pro-HD, is capable of trasmiting HD content around your home, as well as eliminating the need to have a PC as part of the equation.

The SlingProjector software automatically detects video windows on a browser and projects it to the TV screen to give you more of “lean back” viewing experience.

Sling has missed the sub-$200 price mark it was gunning for last year and the SlingCatcher is now set to retail for $249.99 when the unit launches later in 2008.

Sling Media

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