Trumpet Hero controller looks wonderfully inpractical

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If you’re the type of person who wished that The Onion’s piece on Sousaphone Hero was genuine, then you’re probably also the type of person that this wonderful Guitar Hero mod is squarely aimed at.

And it works too – it’s due to be playable at the Tangible Tech Exhibition in San Francisco tomorrow. The right hand operates the green, yellow and red buttons, while the left handles orange and blue. You can even distort your notes ‘whammy-bar style’ by twisting the mute plunger on the front. No word on how to activate star power, but I assume it’s not the traditional tilting mechanism – that looks like it could give a nasty concussion.

For those that are about to rock on the newly brassy version of Guitar Hero, I’d recommend avoiding Dragonforce’s Through the Fire and Flames if lung retention is important to you.

Alan Martin

Trumpet Hero Mod (via Kotaku)

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