Vintage VW Camper Van clock/radio and external speaker


If something is going to sit no your desk, make sure it looks good – as is the case with this VW Camper Van radio from Japanese maker Zumreed.

Yes, it’s an AM/FM radio in the shape of VW’s vintage van, sized at seven inches x three inches and available in a range of colours. But it’s not just a radio, it has a couple of hidden extras too.

Firstly, there’s an LCD alarm clock hidden away on the rear, just in case you fall asleep at work. And secondly, there’s connectivity to use it as an external speaker for your computer or MP3 player.

It’s powered by either battery, mains or USB and retails online from Japanese retailers for the equivalent of £35.

Find out more at the Abide website (translated)

Via Retro To Go

Dave Walker
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