The Nintoaster is back – now in 16-bit

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You may remember around six months ago we published a piece about the Nintoaster – a fine, if somewhat pointless, piece of engineering ingenuity where the innards of a Nintendo Entertainment System were crammed, still working, into the shell of a toaster. Given there was a five-year gap between Nintendo releasing the NES and the SNES, it’s pretty impressive stuff that the same modder has a toaster based on the newer hardware already.

Other than the step up from 8-bit to 16-bit gaming, it’s more of the same from the modder. You still switch it on by pushing down the bread switch (technical name that, I’m sure) and it still gives you a nice warming glow even if you can’t use its original function of cooking bread.

So, does that mean it’s made no progress since the first iteration? Not quite – this time, the temperature control dial serves a purpose. If for some reason you find the red lights of the machine blinding you during a long session of Super Mario Allstars, then you can now reduce the brightness.

Any issues? Just the one – Yoshi’s Island seems to randomly crash, but the modder reckons it could be his copy of the game, given all cartridges seem to work fine. Impressive work but personally I’m holding out for the Nintoaster 64. In fact, if he keeps up this speed of toaster-themed turn around, he should come up with the next iteration of the Wii before Nintendo does.

Here’s a video for those of you stuck with the outmoded view that toasters are designed to cook bread:

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