Niche of the week: Is this your luggage?


Are you a filthy voyeur? When you travel by plane, do you look at other people’s luggage and wish you could see what was inside? Are you envious of the x-ray machine operators?

Well, has you sorted. It’s a bloke that buys up old unclaimed luggage at auction and photographs its contents. Yes, including the pants. It’s an interesting look into the kind of stuff people take on holiday.

So go have a perve. And if you recognise any of it, then let the site’s creator know – he’s happy to reunite people with their lost luggage.

Teen paints 60ft penis on roof of parents' house for Google Earth's cameras


When you’re designing a million pound house, there are all kinds of things you need to check. Double glazing? Check. Burglar alarm? Check. 60 ft phallus painted on the roof? Ch… wait, what?

And that expression of surprise was probably comparable to the reaction of Andy McInnes when reporters from The Sun asked him if he was aware of the giant penis daubed in white paint across his rooftop. Unsurprisingly he wasn’t (it’s not the kind of question you answer with “why yes, of course” is it?). Turns out the stunt was his son’s dong doing – having seen a TV programme on Google Earth, he wanted to see if the giant phallus would be picked up by Google’s cameras. The answer? No, the website still shows the original pristine rooftop at the time of writing, despite the artwork being up there for over a year now.

LOL juice no laughing matter, says school


Kids, just say no to LOL. That’s the message coming from Bankstown Grammar School in Sydney, where the carbonated fruit juice is being consumed as a breakfast beverage by children as young as six.

Despite the claims that the side of the packaging make about the soft-drink containing “no bad stuff”, each can contains 26mg of sugar, and the design – with its large smiley face and colourful labelling – has been criticised for looking similar to the Red Bull design.

The Nintoaster is back – now in 16-bit


You may remember around 6 months ago we published a piece about the Nintoaster – a fine, if somewhat pointless piece of engineering ingenuity where the innards of Nintendo Entertainment System were crammed still working into the shell of a toaster with the bread-loading mechanism in tact. Given there was a five year gap between Nintendo releasing the NES and the SNES, it’s pretty impressive stuff that the same modder has a toaster based on the newer hardware already.

Other than the step up from 8-bit to 16-bit gaming, it’s more of the same, from the modder.You still switch it on by pushing down the bread switch (technical name that, I’m sure) and it still gives you a nice warming glow, even if you can’t use its original function of cooking bread.

Japan launches 'smell map' website


You’ve got to love the Japanese. They’ve created a website which maps smells across the globe. 200 so-called ‘smellists’ have joined the “Nioi-bu”, or Smell Club, and registered scents on a Google map.

The scents listed range from “A toasty odour of cow dung” to “used socks in the summer”. It’s unclear whether any of the smells are actually pleasant. If you speak Japanese, then go check it out and let us know in the comments.

Nioi-bu (via AP)

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Sony unveils useless feature – use a full-size PS3 controller on your PSP


You might have to humour me a little here – I’m not a console gamer. I love PC gaming, but I’m not a fan of trying to control first person shooters with a joypad. Yes, even Goldeneye on the N64. I know, I know, I’m a heathen.

But even thinking through the mind of a console gamer, I completely fail to see the point of using a joypad to control the PSP – which is essentially just a joypad with a screen on anyway…