Light up your life with a noose-shaped lamp

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noose-hanging-lamp.jpgOkay, so this isn’t the most pleasant piece of art in the world, but it’s sorta cool. It’s a light-up hanging noose. Just the thing to go with your Joy Division albums. Odds are that it wouldn’t support the weight of a human, but it might electrocute you in the process, if you’re inclined to give it a try.

I suspect the designer, Marie Thurnauer, is probably making a bad pun about “dark humour” in the concept of this piece. Talking of bad jokes, the piece costs €4750 (£3,770ish). There’s not many people farting out that kind of money at the moment, so I hope, for her sake, that the designer has a day job too…

Petites Productions (via SlipperyBrick)

Duncan Geere
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