Best Lighting Solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities 

Previously healthcare facilities relied on fluorescent and incandescent light fixtures as a source of light. Today, however, many hospitals utilize the LED technology for its energy efficiency, warmth and human-centric illumination.  LED has revolutionized lighting in hospitals and healthcare facilities. LED iBond offers you energy-efficient and high-performance lighting solutions that give warmth to rather cold…

Lightwave adds two new Apple HomeKit compatible smart dimmers to ‘Smart Series’ lineup

Smart home automation company Lightwave has launched three and four-gang dimmer switches to grow its existing ‘Smart Series’ range of lighting products. As well as fitting rooms with multiple lighting circuits, customers can programme spare gangs as “magic buttons” to control additional lamps and light fittings in the same room or anywhere in the house. In fact, they…

10 tips to improve your presentation skills for YouTube, webinars, virtual meetings, interviews

Want to produce more professional looking videos for YouTube or deliver slicker looking online presentations? Helena Brewer of Toastmasters International gives her top 10 tips to for appearing on the small screen... You have prepared your presentation and it’s time for action. However, could all the preparation for your starring role be hampered by a…

Asus unleashes ultra-thin U and UX series of laptops


We’ve just been dropped word of some new laptops from Asus, the U and UX series. I normally strip out press release fluff, but there’s an amazing bit here that I’ll quote to you:

“Each of them a masterpiece so immensely desirable, the U and UX Series takes modern day computing to the streets, bringing delight to the users’ senses and allowing them to work or play in style.”

Hilarious. That’s not the only ridiculous section, it’s all insane. Go read it here. If you’re more into hard specs, though, then here’s the skinny. Both models have backlit keyboards, and the U series has a 15.6″ display, Core 2 Duo processor, 500GB hard drive, 512MB of GeForce G105M graphics, illuminated trackpad and Altec Lansing speakers.

The UX, on the other hand, we don’t have any info about beyond the fact that it has a slot-in optical drive and a combination of matte and gloss finishes. Let’s hope we get a bit more info soon, as well as a video of that illuminated trackpad on the U series. Pricing and availability info TBC.

Asus Press Release

Super-efficient LED lighting now a real possibility within five years


The quest for cheaper, more environmentally-friendly lighting has taken another leap forward with scientists’ new-found ability to produce much cheaper LEDs.

The New Scientist article goes into quite significant detail about how the process was achieved in order to avoid the LEDs cracking during the manufacturing process (due to the high heat required to grow them) so I won’t attempt to look clever here by regurgitating it.

Suffice it to say, the “new” LEDs can be produced for around a tenner per 150,000 units…

Atari 2600 lamp will light up your life


The Atari 2600 defined a generation of videogames – from Pacman to Pitfall. From Atlantis to Adventure. And now you can remember it by lighting your room with a supersize joystick.

It’s been created by Instructables member Seamster, and although I’m a little too young to have owned a 2600 myself, I can appreciate the lamp’s best feature – the big red button will turn it on and off. Awe-inspiring. Now to craft a lampshade shaped liked a Pac-man ghost…

Giant Atari 2600 Joystick Lamp (via Kotaku)

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General Electric creates incandescent-shaped CFL bulb


If you want to be energy efficient, but – DAMN! – you just can’t get enough of the old-fashioned incandescent bulb’s style, then you just ran out of excuses. General Electric has crammed a compact-fluorescent tube into a normally-shaped incandescent bulb.

It means that you get all the environmental and power-saving benefits of the CFL, with none of the “But it looks so freaky!” drawbacks. Seriously though, is there anyone out there who’s so wedded to the shape of the incandescent that they’ve put off upgrading for this reason? If that’s you, then explain yourself in the comments, you strange person.

Video explaining the new bulb (via CrunchGear)