Best Lighting Solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities 

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Previously healthcare facilities relied on fluorescent and incandescent light fixtures as a source of light. Today, however, many hospitals utilize the LED technology for its energy efficiency, warmth and human-centric illumination. 

LED has revolutionized lighting in hospitals and healthcare facilities. LED iBond offers you energy-efficient and high-performance lighting solutions that give warmth to rather cold and impersonal rooms and hallways. It also has several health benefits for patients, like reducing depression, stress, pain and agitation among dementia patients and improving sleep patterns. 

LED iBond Lighting Solutions

With LED iBond lighting, it’s not just about colour and light. LED iBond gives you new lighting solutions with features that were previously unattainable. Some of these solutions include:

Intelligent Corridor and Stairwell Lighting

Waiting areas and corridors tend to give off a cold and detached feeling. These are areas where people sit on the edge, worried or anxious. Create a bright, warm, relaxed and friendly atmosphere for patients with a lighting system that focuses on their wellbeing. Provide an atmosphere where people quickly feel at ease.

Stairs are also a great challenge for people with deteriorating eyesight. A lighting system that leaves shadows not only irritates patients but also creates unnecessary fear. Get a sound lighting system that has little shadowing and no glare. LED iBond lighting provides you with intelligent lighting solutions that assure patients of safety as they climb staircases. 

Elevator Ceiling and Lights

Elevator ceilings are relatively low; they don’t have much space. Having incandescent lighting generates too much heat that might force you to ventilate the elevator. When upgrading, ensure you get a compact lighting system. Our lighting system is a comfortable solution for the patients’ eyesight. It is neither too bright nor too dim.  

Our LED lighting is also energy efficient. It generates less heat and is fitted with custom heat sinks designed to disperse the heat they generate efficiently. Our elevator light solution is UL listed and follows all stringent electrical code requirements to provide you with the safety that your patients need for several years. 

Floor Gazers for Orientation and Night Lighting

Most hospitals and healthcare facilities switch off the leading light after 111pm. Provide your patients with LED dimmed lighting at night from LED iBond lighting. Its soft calming patterns illuminate patients’ paths at night and give off a serene feeling, especially when used for headwall lights, wall sconce model, behavioural health, and a patient’s room overbed.  

Overbed Light Fixtures

LED iBond works in close collaboration with healthcare specialists to produce lighting that minds the wellbeing of patients. Our overboard luminaries provide patients with ambient lighting directly over the patient’s bed. We optimize multiple modes in each fixture to allow health care providers to adjust the light level according to each patient’s need for the best care. 

LED iBond also offers overbed light fixtures for exam mode procedures. This lighting is designed to produce high lumens for visual acuity during medical procedures and examinations. They also have features that allow patients to switch back to a reading mode or an ambient mode for focused distribution or comfortable general lighting after an examination. 

LED iBond also offers 90 CRI, an optional night light source that complements table lighting.

Headwall Lighting

Provide your patients with a comfortable ambient illumination throughout the day with our headwall luminaries. These are long lights that are wall-mounted behind the head of a patients’ bed. The headwall fixtures have various light levels, night options and fabric-like materials that are cleanable.

Tunable Lighting

These luminaries are best for helping patients regulate their sleep patterns, calm them down, and reduce their stress levels. It also encourages patients to connect with the outside world. The tunable lighting is available in five-channel and two-channel models. However, we are working to develop more options that will fit in many more applications.

Behavioural Health Light Fixtures

Our behavioural health light fixtures are made using patient-centred designs. Although behavioural health light fixtures traditionally have heavy institutional designs, LED iBond lighting believes that a patient’s wellbeing should be provided through both and ambience. Some of the fixtures on this luminary include the tamper, impact and vandal-resistant. They are all as visually appealing as they are functional.  

Internet of Things LED Linear Lighting

Our IoT enabled LED lighting options are designed to connect to other devices such as thermostats, motion sensors for environmental control. 

Benefits of LED Lighting in Healthcare facilities

  • There are several benefits of upgrading a health facility with LED lighting fixtures. Some of these benefits include:
  • Greater overall performance. LEDs are both energy efficient and have a longer life. This type of lighting can give you up to 100,000 hours of operation. 
  • LED light also improves and maintains the quality of light through optimum colour rendering index, lighting level and colour temperature.
  • It also helps improve patients’ health outcomes by providing them with a calm environment that enhances their sleep patterns and reduces stress, agitation, and depression.
  • The flexibility of design. LED offers a great deal of flexibility in design options. For example, in LED lighting, the correlated colour temperature (CCT), which is the light emitted from light fixtures, is available in an array of options. 
  • Ability to regulate light output. LED lighting has an ambient light sensor and dimming features that control the light output.
  • LED lighting is also environmentally friendly. It produces no hazardous substances as it emits light. 
  • LED lighting is energy efficient. It saves healthcare facilities significant energy costs that are used to enhance healthcare provision. 

Bottom Line

Today, LED has become the preferred lighting solution for many hospitals and healthcare facilities. LED gives off enough light energy to ensure safety and better health outcomes for patients and comfort for visitors and staff are effectively achieved. It also saves hospitals money through its energy efficiency and detailed control options. 

LED iBond experts meet the demands of health care facilities with customized lighting solutions that require minimal maintenance requirements and last for years. Get the best LED solutions at an outstanding value from LED iBond lighting. 

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