General Electric creates incandescent-shaped CFL bulb

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cfl-bulb-incandescent.jpgIf you want to be energy efficient, but – DAMN! – you just can’t get enough of the old-fashioned incandescent bulb’s style, then you just ran out of excuses. General Electric has crammed a compact-fluorescent tube into a normally-shaped incandescent bulb.

It means that you get all the environmental and power-saving benefits of the CFL, with none of the “But it looks so freaky!” drawbacks. Seriously though, is there anyone out there who’s so wedded to the shape of the incandescent that they’ve put off upgrading for this reason? If that’s you, then explain yourself in the comments, you strange person.

Video explaining the new bulb (via CrunchGear)

Duncan Geere
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One thought on “General Electric creates incandescent-shaped CFL bulb

  • They do look a bit silly poking out of an ornate lampshade. Not that I own any ornate lampshades, that’s just an observation based on visiting posh people’s houses.

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