Calling all Bach lovers: get a limited edition iPod with composer's complete works

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Here’s a pretty amazing deal for anyone whose a big fan of Johann Sebastian Bach. The online classical download store Passionato has teamed up with Hanssler Classic to launch its limited edition 120GB iPod loaded up with Bach’s complete works.

The whole package, which includes a full DVD backup in case your iPod decides that it likes the German composer’s flavour, costs £499. The estimated cost of buying the complete works on CD is around £1,000, and a 120GB iPod classic costs £175, so you’re getting all that music (over 175 hours worth) for just over £300. Not bad if you’re a Bach nut.

Renowned Bach conductor Helmuth Rilling is joined by Thomas Quasthoff, Christoph Prégardien, Christine Schäfer and many other fantastic soloists, ensembles, choirs and orchestras on this truly outstanding set of award-winning recordings from the prestigious German label Hänssler.

Encoded in 128KB AAC format, it’s not the highest quality available. However, it does leave around half (63GB) of the iPod’s capacity free for other music.

The Bach iPod can be bought here, and if you want it delivered in time for Christmas you’ll need to order it by 4pm next Monday, 15th December.

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