Calling all Bach lovers: get a limited edition iPod with composer's complete works


Here’s a pretty amazing deal for anyone whose a big fan of Johann Sebastian Bach. The online classical download store Passionato has teamed up with Hanssler Classic to launch its limited edition 120GB iPod loaded up with Bach’s complete works.

The whole package, which includes a full DVD backup in case your iPod decides that it likes the German composer’s flavour, costs £499. The estimated cost of buying the complete works on CD is around £1,000, and a 120GB iPod classic costs £175, so you’re getting all that music (over 175 hours worth) for just over £300. Not bad if you’re a Bach nut…

Virtual Orchestra – 64 musicians replaced by 64 speakers


“Autumn Fantasy 2008” sounds like a porn film, but in actual fact, it’s the name of a concert that’ll be taking place between Oct 11th and 21st in Kanagawa Science Park in Kawasaki, Japan. The system uses 64 speakers to replace the 64 musicians in an orchestra, and each speaker plays just one instrument…

Classical musicians gets computer-friendly with the EMS

I don’t even pretend to be a classical music expert, but do occasionally channel surf into the BBC’s Proms coverage, watching as a conductor stumbles onto the stage armed with several volumes of sheet music. A sight that might not last much longer if the EMS catches on.