KOZO lamps bring the charm of the industrial revolution to modern lighting

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Whilst those of us in the tech world love everything shiny, perfect and aesthetically pleasing, there’s something to be said about furnishings based on butt-ugly components from the recent past. Take these lamps handmade with galvanised iron, complete with authentic rust, dents from the tools used to create them and an angular retro charm.

They’re the work of Design2009 studio and each one uses components found in any one country. The 40 watt bulb provided is enough to provide stylish illumination to your room, but personally I’d be tempted to leave them flickering on and off to make my home feel like the creepy, underwater world of Rapture from Bioshock.

Or I would if the price weren’t a little on the prohibitive side – each one costs between $169 and $229. I think I’ll save money and make sure my next landlord uses only such outdated furnishings when it comes time for me to move house.

Alan Martin

KOZO Lamps (via LikeCool)

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