British ISPs block Wikipedia over album cover


That image to the right, when uncensored, is the cover to German heavy metal band Scorpions’ 1976 album “Virgin Killer”. It was the centre of a storm yesterday after six British ISPs blocked their subscribers from accessing pages that featured it, including Wikipedia.

As well as the block of the offending page, another result was that Wikipedia editors and administrators in the UK became suddenly unable to edit pages when not logged in. This has prompted an uproar amongst users of the site – which relies on editing by volunteers for its content.

The Samsung Steel – exclusively on Vodafone this June


Another shiny metal slider, kind of similar to the old (three months is a lifetime in the phone world) Samsung Soul – but changing the specs to give it a slightly more obvious multimedia angle.

On the HARD FACTS side of things, the Steel has a 2.2″ screen, does HSDPA for better web speeds if you’re facing in the right direction and standing on something high enough to get a good reception, plus there’s a 3megapixel…

$6,000 spare, and a lot of pent-up anger? Bash a chunk of metal into an armchair, with the Do Hit Chair

People with an excessive amount of money irritate me, the way they can justify spending $6,020 on a chunk of metal, bash it with a sledgehammer, and call the compressed-car-type steel ‘furniture’. And probably claim it on tax as it was ‘therapy’.

What am I rabbiting on about, you ask? The Do Hit Chair, which is a 0.04″ thick steel cube, which you can style into your own armchair by bashing it with a sledgehammer. Of course, the key is not to go overboard…

Chrome chastity belt to keep 'things' in check

Genital-organ-chamber.jpgSorry about this. Hope it doesn’t put you off your tea too much. If you’re into weird fantasy sex and have a lot of money, this £730 “Genital organ chamber” might come in a bit handy.

Or if you’re a lady and your man tends to spend a little bit too much time on the internet on his own, and is always hurriedly closing windows…

Dr. Evermor's awesome steampunk sculpture garden

Don’t you wish you had enough time on your hands to build monolithic steampunk sculptures, just like Dr. Evermor? A retired industrial wrecking and salvage expert, he spends his days building massive sculptures out of old scraps of metal and wreckage from 50 to 100 years old. The above picture is of Forevertron, which includes a pair of bipolar electrical dynamos built by Thomas Edison in the late 19th century and a decontamination chamber from the Apollo space mission….