Chrome chastity belt to keep 'things' in check


Genital-organ-chamber.jpgSorry about this. Hope it doesn’t put you off your tea too much. If you’re into weird fantasy sex and have a lot of money, this £730 “Genital organ chamber” might come in a bit handy.

Or if you’re a lady and your man tends to spend a little bit too much time on the internet on his own, and is always hurriedly closing windows when you enter the room, fitting him with this beforehand might help put your mind at rest.

Anyway. It’s some metal underpants. For men. So nothing can be accessed without permission. You can get more (CAUTION: GRAPHIC) information over at unsurprisingly German maker Latowski‘s web site. Not that we’re accusing you of being into this sort of thing, obviously.

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Gary Cutlack
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