Keep him in check with the Dream Lover 2000 electric chastity belt


dreamlover2000.jpgThe Dream Lover 2000 is a winkie-shocking chastity device designed to help women “train” their men.

It’s basically designed for those businessmen who say they’re working late, when they are, in fact, visiting the very discreet Miss Payne in her clean and safe Marylebone apartment.

The maker of the Dream Lover 2000 says “the philosophy behind it is that proper training can only be achieved through conditioning when negative feedback (punishment) is applied quickly in response to a misconduct,” adding that the device, “is a tool by which any man can become a perfect, Dream Lover for his girlfriend or wife, thus achieving harmony and love.”

There are movies of it in action here. They are just about safe for work, but you might want to casually look over your shoulder to make sure no one important’s around first.

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Gary Cutlack
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