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spacesuit-1.jpgDesigner and MIT professor Dava Newman is quite brave. She’s stuck loads of photos of herself on the internet, wearing a tight space suit she made herself.

Only this isn’t Star Trek cosplay. She’s not being the Deanna Troi to our Commander Riker.

It’s an attempt to create the next generation of more flexible space suits that could, it’s hoped, make future space missions a bit easier on the astronauts.

Instead of providing a pressurised mini atmosphere like traditional bulky space suits, Dava’s model uses tight yet flexible material to stop puny human bodies exploding under the stresses of space. It’s bendier, thinner, and will make it easier to walk on Mars says Newman.

And most importantly of all, it looks a bit sexy. You can even tell its a woman inside. One giant leap for space voyeurism.

Via (Wired)

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