Limewire to launch legal music downloads store


limewire.pngTalk about poacher turned gamekeeper. Limewire is launching a legit music downloads store, having spent the last few years locking horns with the music industry over its Peer-to-peer file-sharing application.

The store will sell DRM-free MP3 files, and will be a website rather than an iTunes-style application. It’ll be tied into the Limewire P2P application (pictured) though, so that eventually when people search for a band, they’ll get links to buy songs legitimately.

It’s due to launch soon, apparently, and will offer a choice of pay-per-tune or subscription models. However, it’s not yet signed any licensing deals with major labels – unsurprising considering that it’s still slugging it out with record industry body the RIAA in the courts – so it looks set to have indie tunes only at the start.

(via Digital Music News)

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Stuart Dredge