Miivii: the illegal P2P movie downloads service from the people who want to prosecute you for illegal P2P movie downloads

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miivii.jpgNow here’s a strange story. A new site called MiiVii.com seemed like a dream for file-sharing internet users. It offered a bunch of big films free to download, as well as software to speed up the process. Whatever would the movie industry make of it?

Well, er, it seems they built it. At least, Miivii’s ownership was traced back to a company called Media Defender, which acts as the investigative arm of the Motion Picture Association of America. In other words, anyone actually using the site to upload or download films could then be hit by a fat lawsuit.

Some might call that lateral thinking, but most would call it entrapment. Either way, Miivii appears to have been taken down now, once its secret was blown across the blogosphere.

(via TorrentFreak)

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Stuart Dredge
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