Michael Moore's 'Sicko' leaked to BitTorrent – huzzah!

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moore.jpg Please oh please don’t let this mean Michael Moore’s next film – sorry, documentary, will be concerned with the perils of poor struggling artists and filmmakers whose life-long work is exploited on Peer to Peer networks. I don’t think I can handle the horror-fest which would be liberal rotund-meister Michael Moore interviewing Metallica’s James Hetfield, really.

Yep, so Michael Moore’s latest documentary, Sicko, has been leaked to the internets weeks before its cinematic debut. There’s been much controversy over the fact that he filmed parts of the documentary in Cuba without adequate authorisation from the US Treasury Department, something which has been illegal for US citizens to do since 1962. Rumours have circulated for awhile now that the master copy would be confiscated due to the illegal nature in which he obatained the Cuban footage, so I presume this leak to BitTorrent may just be a silver lining behind the great big Treasury Department cloud.

Yet another reason to love P2P.

ZeroPaid (via Boing Boing).

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