Robot marries man in permissive South Korea

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And woman. Together. For ever, or at least for a couple of years until they get fed up of each others’ breathing sounds and snoring, then file for a fully automated divorce.

The wedding took place in South Korea and, apparently, marks the first ever time a robot has assisted in a wedding. Not quite in the same league as the first trans-Atlantic phone call or the first footprints left on the surface of the moon, but still quite big in the small world of Far East robot-helper developments.

The robot is called Tiro. The man getting married is one of Tiro’s creators, Seok Gyeong-Jae. The woman putting up with the whole ridiculous charade is not named, presumably because she doesn’t want her family finding out about the shameful PR stunt her ‘special day’ deteriorated into.

The poor girl no doubt dreamed of a romantic wedding day in a village temple, surrounded by her family and friends, with a local flute band playing love songs from the 13th century as children danced and laughed – instead she got a stupid novelty wedding with a yellow robot and a pack of press photographers as witnesses.

At least she got some decent wedding photos taken by Associated Press for free, although she will obviously resent this day until she dies.

Robot hosts South Korean wedding

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