Girls! Destroying Apple laptops! In bikinis! BEST. DAY. EVER!?

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Hot girls. Bikinis. Smashing up Macbooks. Yep, life doesn’t get much better than this. Certainly worthy of directing some attention towards YouTube, anyways.

Three German women (and yes, thank goodness they’re of the attractive sort, no hefty Helgas in sight here) clubbed together to form Bikinirama, a collective who wear bikinis, and, err, smash up electronics. Smash My PS3, anyone? The best video is without a doubt when Tatjana gets busy with a hammer and Powerbook (see it under the jump), however it’s not just about destroying gadgets.

Their MySpace page explains that they’re not just smashing gadgets, but also “breaking social conventions”. Bah, whatever, bring on the bikini’d girls destroying the Apples, that’s what I say. Beardy men with moobs destroying Acers next, obviously.

Bikinirama (via Wired).

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  • Actualy, at the start, its a Mac-Book. Then afterwards its a POS Windoof maschine

  • Sheeesh, people don’t know their Macs.

    That’s a PowerBook G4 Titanium. They had black keyboards, and they’re years old. They were replaced by the silver-keyboarded aluminum ones, which in turn were replaced by the MacBooks.

    So this girl is smashing an OLD Mac.

  • “Hot girls. Bikinis. Smashing up Macbooks. Yep, life doesn’t get much better than this.”

    OMG, life does get better! When you notice that they’ve actually swapped the Powerbook for an old Dell Inspiron (or other similar black-keyboarded Windows-running piece of crap).

    God bless Steve Jobs! šŸ˜‰

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