Get bigger boobs using a mobile phone!

Mobile phones

In what must be the best story we’ve heard for a long time, the Inquirer is reporting on a Japanese man who claims that the correct ring tone can “subliminally increase the breast measurement of anyone who listens to it”. Hideto Tomabechi is already famous in Japan as the counsellor responsible for deprogramming brainwashed members of a doomsday cult. According to him, the special tune encourages the brain and body to move unconsciously, causing breasts to grow larger. Who knows what happens to fat blokes’ man-boobs, but we’re keeping an ear open for the willy extending ringtone that we hope will be Hideto’s next best-seller. Apparently, the website selling the ringtone at 300 yen has had more than 100,000 hits.

Read [via The Inquirer]

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