RUMOUR: Nikon D3000 and D300s images leaked?

Liked the look of the Nikon D5000 in our review earlier this month but can’t afford to cough up the £640 to make it yours? Well, according to rumours circulating in cyberspace a stripped down version of the D5000 could be on its way in the form of the D3000:


The D3000 appears to be slightly less, shall we say, fat than the D5000 and it doesn’t look as if there is a swivel LCD display. It will probably have reduced flash components with a smaller viewfinder. There’s no sight of a microphone or an HDMI port either.

It isn’t just the D3000 that is shamelessly flaunting itself for the world to see either – the D300s is also allegedly getting in on the act:


This looks like an upgrade to the existing D300. Rumours are rife that the D300s may include 720p video recording as well as SD memory card storage, a quiet shutter mode and the muscle to continuously shoot at 8fps.

(via Electronista)

BlackBerry Javelin: Picture and basic details leaked online


It’s tough being a BlackBerry fan. You just get over the excitement that the BlackBerry Bold can be yours on Orange and T-Mobile and then you discover leaked pictures of future BlackBerry devices.

Reports online suggest the BlackBerry Javelin is due out sometime next year, along with the Thunder. You can tell that the photograph is both leaked and official because it has the word “CONFIDENTIAL” stamped across it…

Nokia 5800 "Tube" gets an airing on German mobile phone shop poster, possibly


While excitement for Nokia’s forthcoming 5800 “Tube” may not quite match that other phone, it’s pretty intense nonetheless, so it’s not surprising that news of a sighting on a German promotional poster is one of the Internet’s current hot topics (click image for larger version).

Now, it could be a reasonable Photoshop job – wouldn’t be difficult – or it could genuinely be Nokia’s much anticipated touchscreen phone, complete with XPressMusic (which could be a typo for XPressMedia, or signify a variant model) that some naughty German mobile phone store employee has sneaked out early…

Leaked images of iPhone 2 show it's 3G, has video-chat and a Product (Red) version too


You know you have nerdlinger friends when someone texts you at 8.15 on a Saturday morning, alerting you to leaked iPhone photos. And you know you too are a nerdlinger when you get out of bed, grab your laptop, and actually write about them, even though you’d normally be asleep for hours longer. Thanks for the ruined beauty sleep, Jason!

Still, it’s news that even I can get excited about – leaked iPhone 2 photos which actually look like the real thing. There’s a second camera located on the front for video-calling (or iChat AV as it’s been dubbed), and it appears to come in two colourways – black, and red, just like the Product (Red) iPods that raised money for fighting AIDS. And yes, it IS 3G enabled…