Leaked images of iPhone 2 show it's 3G, has video-chat and a Product (Red) version too

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You know you have nerdlinger friends when someone texts you at 8.15 on a Saturday morning, alerting you to leaked iPhone photos. And you know you too are a nerdlinger when you get out of bed, grab your laptop, and actually write about them, even though you’d normally be asleep for hours longer. Thanks for the ruined beauty sleep, Jason!

Still, it’s news that even I can get excited about – leaked iPhone 2 photos which actually look like the real thing. There’s a second camera located on the front for video-calling (or iChat AV as it’s been dubbed), and it appears to come in two colourways – black, and red, just like the Product (Red) iPods that raised money for fighting AIDS. And yes, it IS 3G enabled.

Text on one of the leaked screengrabs reads “video just became a little more fun. Start a real time video chat with other AT&T subscribers via 3G networking, or with iChat buddies via WiFi. The video calling revolution has begun”.

Rather odd that you can only do video chat with your iChat contacts and only via Wi-Fi – what about your phone contacts who have video-calling enabled handsets that aren’t iPhones? Or your iPhone-using friends who aren’t in a Wi-Fi spot?

That’s really the only down-fall I can see with the leaked material, but other than that, this could quite possibly be the real thing.

Leaked iPhone images at Crunchgear (via Gizmodo)

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