Orange snatch the BlackBerry Bold plaudits from T-Mobile – it's out on Saturday!

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blackberry-bold-orange.jpgSo there T-Mobile was, all smug with its announcement last week that they would be the first to carry the mouth-wateringly awaited BlackBerry Bold as of September and out of nowhere today, Orange has leapt in with the news that they’ll be offering the new handset from 16th August which, according to my calendar, is Saturday.

The handset is the first from BlackBerry – usually associated with business users – designed as a cross-over to more casual consumers and will be available free with Orange, so long as you’re happy to shell out 45 spot every month for the privilege. Not sure I am to be honest. That’s a lot of cash.

The pricing, of course, reflects that of a certain other handset available only on O2 and, unless Vodafone has something to say about it very quickly indeed, this looks to be Orange’s main weapon in the new mobile wars.

(via Product Reviews)

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