First Grand Theft Auto DS details leaked?


The (rumoured) first details of the eagerly-awaited Nintendo DS version of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars have been leaked on an internet site…only to be removed shortly afterwards.

Gaming site UGO supposedly published details of a game appearing to be GTA: Chinatown Wars for the DS, only to be forced into removing the article soon after, apparently after Rockstar, the publishers of GTA, accused them of breaking a confidentiality agreement.

The fact that Rockstar supposedly became involved would lead one to infer that the leaked post was of some importance. On the other hand, it’s possible this is all an elaborate hoax by UGO, who could be mentioning Rockstar in order to give the story some level of authenticity.

Equally, the information may have been leaked deliberately by Rockstar, in order to gauge consumer reaction across the internet to possible features of the game mentioned in the post, including an unusually complex storyline involving an up-and-coming gang member. For their part, Rockstar are yet to comment on the incident.

Of course, in the short time the leaked article was on UGO, it was copied and pasted onto other blogs, some of which continue to show the post.

(via wired)

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