Wii-style Tomb Raider and Sonic on your mobile


zeemote-gamingpad-sony-ericsson.pngSony has further advanced its mobile gaming system, with a Bluetooth enabled handset for more interactive gaming. The small, hand-held Zeemote JS1 features a joystick, effectively meaning an old-school analogue controller, which is always welcome.

The Zeemote JS1 will come bundled with Sony’s W760i phone, pre-loaded with two games, and a further 16 will be available to download from the Sony website. Since the two basic games, however, are both all-time classics in Tomb Raider and Sonic the Hedgehog, most users shouldn’t need to venture into the additional games too much to satisfy their gaming needs.

Whether games will bother using this gadget for games on their mobile phones remains to be seen. However, perhaps most interestingly, the Zeemote JS1 sneakily features a TV-out port, enabling users to play Sonic and Tomb Raider on their televisions, which may be very 1990s, but is nevertheless still amongst the most fun any game can offer. It also reignites the gaming war, as Nintendo will be anxiously waiting to see whether the JS1 will act as a replacement for its Wii Nunchuk controller.

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