First pictures of the Motorola Alexander – not what you call a looker

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motorola-alexander-mobile.jpgIs someone at Motorola having a laugh? Oh, no I get it! It’s some kind of Brewster’s Millions thing here. How quickly can we make a healthy company go bust, that’s the aim of the game. It must be an insurance job of some sort otherwise there’s no way they’d release a phone that looks like this to compete with the likes of the Sony Ericsson C905 and the Samsung INNOV8 (it makes me shudder every time I type that name).

This is the first tentative Roswellian shot of the Motorola Alexander as published on the Boy Genius Report. It’s horrible. Well, maybe horrible is too strong a word. It’s not like it’s hideously ugly or anything. One look at its big arse non-touchscreen, with Windows Mobile 6.1 or 7 system, isn’t going to turn you to stone but it doesn’t so much flicker a pilot light of inspiration either.

It rather looks like one of the designers accidentally squashed their PEBL under a steam roller and strapped on a QWERTY board.

It has an NVIDIA chip for 3D graphics and assisted GPS support. The thing is, I’m not sure if I’d want to take it out in public either for playing games or finding my way. In fact, the aGPS probably doesn’t work because Motorola don’t really seem to know where they’re going with this handset.

The curious, and perhaps saving grace, of the news is that the camera is listed as being between 5-megapixels and 8-megapixels which could mean that, were it at the bottom end of this range, Motorola have something altogether different and hopefully a lot more attractive up its sleeve. We shall see.

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  • When have Motorola ever come up with an attractive design? Going back to the days of the ugly Star Tac, and right up to the Razr – the thin form factor technology might have been impressive but the design always fell short of beautiful. In fact, this new phone might be the most elegant thing they’ve ever come up with.

    • I thought they hit it right with the Wing and, although I was never a fan of the Razr’s aesthetics, a lot of people rated their looks.

      The Alexander is ok enough but in this iWorld, in which gadgets now have to compete, and with Moto in need of a smash hit, they’re going to have to try a bit harder than this. Who knows though, Burak, maybe the thing will be a dream to use?

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