Motorola Blaze might be Verizon's answer to iPhone 3G

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motorola_blaze.jpgWhile us Europeans are pretty blessed with a range of kickass mobile handsets that will no doubt compete pretty well with the iPhone 3G, there’s not quite so much choice in the States, which is why we often see stories about Verizon Wireless (AT&T’s main competitor) looking for a handset that will entice customers to its network.

The latest offering is Motorola’s Blaze, a touchscreen phone with only a passing similarity to the iPhone. The only additional feature worth having is haptic feedback, which makes the handset vibrate in response to touching the screen. Other than that, it has fairly bog standard two megapixel camera, EVDO, GPS, Bluetooth, and mobile TV.

At first look, the Blaze doesn’t have the sex appeal of the iPhone, but it’s sure to appeal to some.

(Via Into Mobile)

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