8-megapixel Samsung INNOV8 (nee i850) – full details, full on

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samsung-8mp.jpgHere it is. It’s official. Sexy, isn’t it? Shame I don’t like Samsungs. If I did, then the 8-megapixel Samsung INNOV8 would be getting me hotter than a hessian clad preacher in an Arizona bordello in the height of a heat wave.

You see this is one of the first brace of phones to pick up the iPhone gauntlet and actually come up with an answer all of their own. If you don’t believe me, then just eat these specs. Are we ready? Let’s roll…

The 8-megapixel camera you knew but how about the autofocus, the smile shot, blink shot, face recognition and double LED flash all at the touch of a button? It’ll come in SD expandable 8GB and 16GB models (sound familiar?) which is a good thing as its media player will handle DivX, WMV, Real Player and Mpeg4 video. TV on the go anyone?


On the audio side, though, is where I scream hallelujah. Why, because they’ve only gone an put in a 3.5mm jack. They have. I tell you, the arrogance of companies that don’t. More importantly for most, the actually quality is supposed to be top notch too with external speakers and 3D surround sound.

The INNOV8 works on the nice, friendly S60 platform, it’s 106.5mm x 53.9mm x 16.9mm in dimension and it’s billed as running for 510 minutes talk time on a full charge, but we’ll see about that.

Basically, this phone is serious. It’s still very much a phone – no touchscreen, I’m afraid – but a super phone by the sounds of things. It may not have all the desirability and beautiful user interface of the iPhone but it’s got an impressive armory and it can do a whole load of things that the Apple darling can’t – take good photos to name but one.

The Samsung INNOV8 is due to hit the shelves in August, which is only a week or two away now; in-depth details when I get my mitts on one.

Samsung (via Electric Pig)

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Daniel Sung
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  • The phone looks proper neat. At the moment i hjave a N95. The camera quality on that is pretty impresive, seeing thats only 5 mega pixel. This samsung will bring a whole new meaning to mobiles. My upgrade is due and i was going to get an iphone, but i have been put off that and number 1 choice is the i850

  • Lets start by saying I love my mobiles just as much as I love my partner my dear life. However, I don’t swear by any particular manufacturer.. they all get it right and wrong some times. I’ve paid up to £600 cash for a hanset that I had to return for a cheaper product.. get my drift.
    Now, my current phone (a Sony Ericsson) dropped on a busy London street as I made a dash for the bus a few days ago and ended up losing audio so no ringtones when calls come through and screen broken so half is blacked-out and of course the chasis is bent all over having been run over by a car or two whilst yours truly stood on the kerb watching helplessly!!! Ouch!
    Well, all this means that I’m now looking for a replacement multi-media gadget (being a born again mobile freak, that’s exactly how I refer to thease things called mobile/cell phones because with all the applications they with these days, they’re much more than just phones).
    I promptly disqualified the tempting I-Phone because underneath the glam and so-called desirebility it is low on substance.
    What am I to do with a gadget that cant record video or take a decent still photo, ha? Worst, what business have I got with a gadget without removable memory chip? Or of what use is a phone with such poor battery life.
    I turn my attention to Samsung Omnia (a viable I-Phone killer) and just as I’m about to part with my hard-earned £500 odd enter…the Samsung Innov8. Inspired by the Nokia N95 for sure but way ahead in specs. Robust memory whichever model you choose. Smoother casing, slimmer and much more egornomic.
    Now, my only moan at the moment is the huge camera lense. Why is it that phones with decent cameras have to sport huge lenses? Why cant they come like the one on the I-Phone but with the same strength? And why cant manufacturers place their logos in centralised eye-friendly positions on the phones? They alway seem to plaster them at rather odd parts of the casing.
    The same goes to the camera lense on some handsets with regards to positioning. They frequently come positioned at bizarre angles very rarely in the mid range.
    Well, guess I’m going to have to live with these for now as I’ve made up my mind to go for the Innov8.. when the sim free price becomes a little more realistic.

    • Mitch, that’s a harrowing tale of mobile murder. I remember a friend of mine talking about how he accidentally dropped his into a toilet that he’d just soiled before he had time to flush it. He said he still dived in with his hand despite what lined the bowl and can imagine that the temptation to take on the car to save your handset must have been equally awful and galling.

      Unfortunately, companies do like to brand their logo in all kinds of weird places and there’s very little we can do about that but the large lens is often a sign of good quality when it comes to camera phones. It’s all very well having tonnes of megapixels or even good chipsets, which not enough of them have, but if you’re optics aren’t good enough, it won’t make a shred of a difference.

      The iPhone lens is small because, largely, it’s rubbish and one of my first reactions to the INNOV8 was that it looks almost as much like a camera as a phone. If photography is important to you on your mobile, just as it is for me, then I think you’ve chosen pretty well. I’ll let you know if I sniff out any competitions for them.

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