Do leaked BlackBerry photos reveal the Storm 3 to be a slider?

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bbslider2.jpgRemember earlier in the week we posted news that a BlackBerry slider was rumoured to be in the works? Well this leaked photo is sure to add fuel to that fire. The picture seems to show a BlackBerry branded device with a vertical slider.

But what is the phone? While its legitimacy remains questionable, the folks over at BlackBerry Leaks believe it could be the Storm 3. That said, it could just be a scrapped prototype model, destined merely for a place in the RIM archives.

Still with, with BIS 3.0 Gmail integration upgrades, the RIM WebKit browser and a new OS rumoured to be in the works, there’s definitely something going on down at RIM HQ.

Via: BlackBerry Leaks

Gerald Lynch
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