RealDVD: might be legal, but the movie industry suits don't like it


There’s a little buzz around Real Networks’ inspiringly-named RealDVD software, for while the company claims that it legally copies DVDs to a hard disc and adds an extra level of DRM into the mix, the movie industry may not be too happy about it.

Unlike the plethora of software that cracks standard and high definition discs so it can be played whenever and wherever (consumers are funny creatures when it comes to doing what they like with stuff they’ve bought), RealDVD keeps the disc image intact. Taking a leaf from Apple — and then charging lots of money for it — it even allows up to five computers to be registered so that ripped discs can be watched…

Torrent Spy lawyer cries 'Hollywood publicity stunt' – $111m court order will never be paid


I suppose being declared bankrupt is a lot better than having to pay someone $111m but I can’t imagine it feeling too pleasant when your debtors get to dance around with your head on a pike.

That’s the way it is for Justin Bunnell and Wes Park of TorrentSpy since last week when the Motion Picture Bullies of America decided to kick a good site when it was down.

It turns out that TorrentSpy successfully filed for bankruptcy