TorrentSpy tortured even after death – US court fines closed bittorrent site $110m

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torrentspy-closed-fined100-million-by-usa.jpgClosing their Bittorrent portal TorrentSpy was not enough to save founders Justin Bunnell and Wes Park from getting hammered by the US courts to the tune of $110m.

Justin and Wes’s company Valence Media has been ordered to pay the enormous fine to the Motion Picture Association of America for enabling mass copyright infringement. And even though TorrentSpy became an advert-covered hell-hole in its final days, it’s unlikely that poor Justin and Wes managed to make $110m from their porn and poker adverts. The pair have now filed for bankruptcy.

“The demise of TorrentSpy is a clear victory for the studios,” crowed MPAA chairman Dan Glickman. “This substantial money judgement sends a strong message about the illegality of these sites.”

(Via BBC)

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