The Pirate Bay goes Grand Theft Auto IV themed – as 1000s of people download GTA torrents

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grand-theft-auto-iv-downloads-pirate-bay.jpgGood god, The Pirate Bay sure does love making a nuisance of itself.

As Grand Theft Auto IV publisher Take Two tries to fight fires and extinguish the YouTube videos, torrents, and various other leaks regarding GTA IV ahead of its April 29 global release, everyone’s favourite ABOVE THE LAW piracy portal has stuck two fingers up at T2 and developer Rockstar – renaming itself The Liberty Bay after GTA IV’s infamous Liberty City setting.

The main page of The Pirate Bay currently features a GTA IV-themed banner, which, conveniently, takes you directly to a list of torrent files of Grand Theft Auto IV. There’s no messing about on The Bay. They absolutely will not stop.

But don’t get too carried away – unless you’ve gone through the perilous and technically quite demanding process of modding your Xbox 360 DVD drive’s firmware, you won’t actually be able to play the downloaded GTA rip. It’s a bit of a storm in a teacup this piracy business – only a minuscule percentage of Xbox 360 gamers do this sort of thing.

It’s just a few thousand torrents. GTA IV will sell nine million copies this year.

(Via The Pirate Bay)

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  • This is one of the best games that you will play. I have been hooked on the since it came out. brain injury lawyers orlando

  • I like how Sony’s marketting team now puts words like Factual into their online names to try and make their lies sound credible ^

  • Actually, ASDA said the PS3 version is outselling the Xbox 360 one by quite a margin on pre-orders.

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