Grand Theft Auto IV PC version confirmed – will be here on November 21


For some odd reason, everyone at Take 2 and Rockstar Games has been busy pretending that GTA IV on PC was a big secret, even though it was always obviously going to happen.

Well, it’s happening, and it’s official now, so we can all stop pretending to wonder if it’s going to happen – GTA IV will hit PC on November 21. The Americans will get it two days earlier, on November 18. By November 22…

Grand Theft Auto IV blamed for Thai killing – game pulled from shelves


This isn’t your usual tabloid shock story, where there was a robbery and one of the items taken just so happened to be a PlayStation. This is FOR REAL.

A Thai teenager has confessed to robbing and killing a taxi driver – then allegedly told police he was trying to recreate a scene from Grand Theft Auto. There’s no denying the facts or fudging the issue here – he was copying the game. It’s a 100% confirmed copycat crime. There’s going to be trouble over this. Big trouble.

“He said he wanted to find out if it was as easy in real life to rob a taxi as it was in the game,” chief police investigator…

Xbox 360 outsells PS3 in the UK thanks to little-known arthouse video game GTA IV


PlayStation3 and Xbox 360 both benefited BIG TIME from the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV, but it was Xbox 360 that took the larger and more sustained win.

Sales of Microsoft’s console were up a whopping 47% over the four weeks since GTA IV launched, according to UK stat-watcher Chart-Track, with PlayStation3 managing a rather more modest – and slightly disappointing…

VIDEO REVIEW: Grand Theft Auto IV. Does it live up to the gargantuan levels of hype?

Well, GTA IV’s out today. It actually happened. They made a new Grand Theft Auto game, for Xbox 360 and PlayStation3, then put it in the shops. Good god, they actually went and did it. It’s here! Men all over the country are scouring branches of Currys for the few remaining unsold copies so they have something to do tonight.

So here’s a review of GTA IV in video form. Sorry it’s not very informative. And sorry it doesn’t show you very much of the game. And sorry about the attempted East European accent. But you do at least get to see Niko standing motionless beside a car for nearly four minutes. No other web site will be offering you that today.

In case you literally can’t stand to watch more than the first 15 seconds of that nonsense, here’s a brief summary – GTA IV is awesome. It delivers…

The Pirate Bay goes Grand Theft Auto IV themed – as 1000s of people download GTA torrents


Good god, The Pirate Bay sure does love making a nuisance of itself.

As Grand Theft Auto IV publisher Take Two tries to fight fires and extinguish the YouTube videos, torrents, and various other leaks regarding GTA IV ahead of its April 29 global release, everyone’s favourite ABOVE THE LAW piracy portal has stuck two fingers up at T2 and developer Rockstar – renaming itself The Liberty Bay…

Grand Theft Auto IV BANNED in the UK


Certification body the BBFC has thrown the gaming world into crisis today, by refusing to grant GTA IV a UK certificate.

The violent crime series has usually received a Certificate 18 rating in the past – but this time Rockstar has gone TOO FAR.

Saying the game “Glorifies America to an unacceptable degree…