Grand Theft Auto IV PC version confirmed – will be here on November 21

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gta-iv-pc-launch-date-november.jpgFor some odd reason, everyone at Take 2 and Rockstar Games has been busy pretending that GTA IV on PC was a big secret, even though it was always obviously going to happen.

Well, it’s happening, and it’s official now, so we can all stop pretending to wonder if it’s going to happen – GTA IV will hit PC on November 21. The Americans will get it two days earlier, on November 18. By November 22, it will have happened. It’ll be history and you’ll still be tweaking the graphics settings.

It’ll be interesting to see what the game looks like on PC. Previous 3D GTAs, built for the old and rather power-lite PlayStation2, always ran vastly better on PC, boasting larger draw distances, more dependable frame rates plus, of course, the usual PC performance hacks to get everything working better still, post-release.

With GTA IV pretty much maxing out PS3 and Xbox 360, it might be a tougher job getting it running smoothly on your four-year-old Dell. We’ll see. In November.

(Via EG)

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