Grand Theft Auto IV BANNED in the UK


gta-iv-banned-uk.jpgCertification body the BBFC has thrown the gaming world into crisis today, by refusing to grant GTA IV a UK certificate.

The violent crime series has usually received a Certificate 18 rating in the past – but this time Rockstar has gone TOO FAR. Saying the game “Glorifies America to an unacceptable degree that, coupled with its high-resolution graphics and stereo sound, means we cannot pass this work for sale in the UK without substantial and deep changes made to its content.”

BBFC spokesman Geoffrey Philampton continued “Fortunately, I managed to steal the review copy from the office, so at least my kids will be able to play it.”

(Via BBFC)

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Gary Cutlack
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  • GTA is just GTA.. .. all the saw films are indecently violent, American gangster for example.. .. Frank Lucas shoots a man in the head in broad daylight on a busy high street, this is just a silly april fools joke thats NOT FUNNY!

    Long Live Grand Theft Auto

    Sorry for bad english and spelling 😀

  • Being a little redeyed I had no idea it was April 01. Don’t you think you should appologise to the old lady I just smeared up the road now!

  • ARE U FOR REAL! U actually think people are going to belive this on April the 1st. TRY HARDER!

  • They should just ban the PS3 version. The 360 version’s going to be much better!

  • Actually, I’m glad they’ve done this. I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable with how far GTA has taken things.

    It’s all very well me sitting playing the game and enjoying it but it’s a fact that violence and aggression on our screens does trigger the same behaviour to people pre-disposed to these actions. These stimuli should be taken away.

  • No, the BBFC hasn’t gone too far – I don’t want my lovely impressionable son Gary playing this game. He’s violent enough as is – he killed his bunny as a kid, by feeding it to his younger sister on the premise it was a marzipan fruit.

    Good on the BBFC, if it means more bunnies are saved, then I agree with the banning of this filth!

  • No, this time the BBFC is going too far! What is wrong with these people? Why must they attach this nations problems to gaming? If this really is true, then there is going to be a furious up-roar in the UK. I’d hate to be the BBFC right now.

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