Xbox 360 outsells PS3 in the UK thanks to little-known arthouse video game GTA IV


gta-iv-sales-xbox-360-beats-ps3jpg.jpgPlayStation3 and Xbox 360 both benefited BIG TIME from the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV, but it was Xbox 360 that took the larger and more sustained win.

Sales of Microsoft’s console were up a whopping 47% over the four weeks since GTA IV launched, according to UK stat-watcher Chart-Track, with PlayStation3 managing a rather more modest – and slightly disappointing considering the historical importance of the GTA on PlayStation – 8% increase during the manic GTA IV post-launch money-raking bonanza.

The boost helped Microsoft retake the sales lead over PS3 in the UK as well, with Xbox 360 outselling PlayStation3 by 18% over the last four weeks. Stick THAT on your blogs, console warriors!

(Via Xboxer)

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  • It’s too bad there are so many people out there that only look at the dollar sign and get the 360. After my fourth 360 broke down I said “f&%k this” and got a ps3. I couldn’t buy anymore games for my 360 because I knew it would break down again…and it did. What happens when your 3 year warranty that 360 owners are so proud of ends? What’s better than a large supply of games? A console that doesn’t break down. I turn my ps3 on and don’t wonder if it will break down today. Microsoft knows how gullable and naive people are. They knew even if their product had a bad reputation for breaking down that people were dumb enough to keep buying it. Sony likes putting out a quality console and takes pride in it. Microsoft likes ripping people off and getting away with it, and they did. I wanted the 360 to work. I didn’t want to buy a ps3…I had too. I had to know the console I spend all that money on games would work. You can spend $100 on a wireless adapter for the 360 or you can get built in wifi in the ps3. By the way, I’m wireless on my ps3 now. Works great. When you buy the add on wireless adapter for the 360 it comes to the same cost as the ps3 which means that blu ray player you get in the ps3 is like you’re getting it for free. A free blu ray player…mmmm. Not bad. Yeah people, you keep being blind to what your getting and ignoring the facts. Maybe if you pretend 360’s dying all the time doesn’t really exist, maybe the problem will go away. You keep encouraging a company like Microsoft to put out a shitty product that doesn’t work. I’m sure they love the fact that their product that breaks down all the time and is an industry embarrassment is selling like hotcakes. It gives them a good indication of how naive people are so they can feed us more cheap products that don’t work. Too bad Sony wanted a good quality product when they are living in a world that likes to get shit on.

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