LG SolarCUBE: A microwave/oven in the trueist sense

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I don’t have a microwave and I regretted it on Monday morning as I sat in my dressing gown eating the cold left-overs of my Char Siu (not a dog). If I did buy one (not a dog), it might look a little like the LG SolarCUBE. On the other hand, it might not.

The SolarCUBE actually looks quite good. It’s basically a top of the range light oven or microwave with actual oven cooking facilities, rather than a unit that pretends and just ends up making everything hot and chewy.

It works just like a standard nuker but the difference is it also has four halogen bulbs which cook the outside of whatever’s inside as well, the plan being that if you’re cooking a joint, it seals the surface and keeps all the meat juices where they should be, leaving your food nice and tender.

I’d be surprised if it worked better than a normal oven but I’d wager it’s a darn site better than a microwave. I don’t suppose anyone is about to buy a SolarCUBE to back up either device but it could be a good option if you’ve got neither and have very little space. It looks quite nice too

You can bag yourself one for £275.49 or maybe less if you go hunting about the net.

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LG Light ovens

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  • This is really well designed I like it – theres even a place to hang your oven gloves on the door!

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