Amazon set to launch its own streaming movie rental service "in the next few weeks"

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jeff-bezos-amazon-movie-streaming.jpgAmazon’s big boss Jeff Bezos, speaking at the D6 conference, said the retail behemoth is planning to launch its own online video rental service rather soon.

That’s pretty much all he said on the matter, although he pointed out you’d be buying movies individually on an “a la carte” basis rather than paying a subscription, then watching via a streaming service instead of having a physical download. Jeff also said it’ll be aimed primarily at PC users, presumably the lucrative bored-at-work crowd.

“We’re very serious about the video business, but it is much more difficult because there are so many market participants,” Jeff added, making it sound like he’s already hedging his bets a bit. That really is all he said about it. He didn’t even give it a name or say if Warner Brothers is onboard.

(Via AllThingsD)

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