Amazon offers shopping via SMS in the US


amazon_logo.jpgNever mind online shopping, Amazon is now offering shopping via SMS message in the US, known as TextBuyIt.

It’s not as easy as texting a title though – you can sent a text to the company with a description or ISBN number and if a product matches, resukts are sent back two at a time. If selections match up, you can just text back the number of the selection (‘1’ or ‘2’) or you can text ‘M’ for more information.

When your choice is made, you’ll be asked for your relevant email address and post code, then you’ll get an automated call back to complete the purchase. Which all sounds a bit too much like hard work to me – but if you’re out shopping and want to price match, it might be worth a go.

Amazon (via Associated Press)

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One thought on “Amazon offers shopping via SMS in the US

  • what a great, new service!
    basically we just wanted to get acquired by google. now of course amazon is on our list too.

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