The… Amazon… Shipping Box… Robot…


Your company is NOTHING in Japan without a friendly mascot to reassure potential customers of your friendliness and approachability. Here’s Amazon Japan’s attempt at hitting the big time – the Amazon Shipping Box Robot. It is the most incredible thing you will see on the internet today, as long as you haven’t been Googling “Gemma Atkinson bra” for the last hour with Safe Search turned off.

In fact, this is such a staggering toy we have NO OPTION but to break out the full-width image embedding code. You know it’s an important thing when that happens. This is the first time we’ve done an FW embed in November…


It isn’t a joke – you can see the Amazon Box Bot’s product listing fo’ real over at Amazon Japan. Three cheers for corporations with senses of humour and a maverick attitude toward profitability.

(Via Gadget Lab)

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